A place to become free so your heart can express it's beauty:
be alive, surprise yourself and by doing so inspire others.
We enter a world, free of fixed and limiting concepts.
Everyone can be real and pure here.

Wild Hearts is about freedom. Freedom to express. Freedom to enjoy life to the fullest. 
It is born from a desire to create a space where sensuality and creativity start to bloom. Where you can follow your unique spontaneous flow. 
It is down to earth, daring and tickling. Let's make new creative concepts, to wake up the world and to inspire. To invite people to feel their fire and to live fully. All within a safe and loving setting.

There are different forms to express ourselves. Like organizing party’s, workshops or street performances.
 We invite you to join this community and share their gifts. Let's strengthen each other in ways beyond imagination. Wild Hearts is a portal to freedom, a way to manifest your dreams, to find new creative possibilities.
 It is about this inner spark, this fire, that ignites to feel alive and free.



Sharing ideas and collaborate through creativity.


Encouraging connection between people and sharing their views.


Creating a safe space to become vulnerable and open.


Become as free as you can be and share this with the world.

When you become free and express this, you take space. This space can be constructive but it can also become destructive. We will always guard the space that is being taken and bring consciousness where it is needed. To insure there is room for others to feel welcome and express their own wildness.



WH 12dec17

★ One Tribe New Years Party ★

Sunday 31st December Club Lite Amsterdam


★ Wild Hearts Party @ Odessa ★

Friday 12 January

WH12 01 18

★ Wild Hearts Party ★ Unmasking Mystery Edition ★

Saturday 27th January Club Lite Amsterdam

WH27 01 18




31 - 01 Dec

One Tribe New Years Party 19:00 - 04:00 Club Lite, Amsterdam, Netherlands

12 - 13 Jan

★ Wild Hearts Party ★ 19:30 - 00:30 Odessa Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

27 - 28 Jan

★ Wild Hearts Party ★ Unmasking Mystery Edition ★ 19:30 - 01:30 Club Lite, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Who is Wild Hearts?


Share your FIRE!

After High School of the Arts he became a freelance filmmaker in 2000 and is giving workshops and sessions for Art of Loving since 2006.
Rakesh Mijling
Founder of Wild Hearts

Let's become ALIVE!

After High School of the Arts she became a freelance filmmaker (Elf Production) and gives several workshops with an emphasis on energy, bodywork and sensuality.
Elfriede vd Sanden
Founder of Wild Hearts


Only possible with help from these free spirits

Tamar Doedens
PR & Floormanagement
providor of Energy and Connection
Joyce Bosch
Space holder
Floris Koot
Mystery Card Master
Thierry La Fronde
Senses Guidance & Masseur
Nick van Zutphen
DJ Nimble
Decorations and Helping Angel
Reinout de Bruyn
DJ Reinout
Garden of Eden Princess
Anna Poch
Sensual Energy Massage
Marja Godvliet
Glitter and color to add magic



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